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Off the record: Innovation secrets of media changemakers

If you are in the room in Barcelona on 12-13 March 2024, you will hear innovation secrets from top media and tech changemakers that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. That is because, at Media Makers Meet (Mx3) Barcelona, you will experience exclusive off-the-record speaker sessions with open, honest, and robust conversations.

Quick overview

  • When: 12-13 March 2024 at RBA in Barcelona, Spain
  • Speakers: Worldwide leaders, experts, and creators.
  • Topics: Media, tech, innovation, and more.
  • Audience: Decision-makers in indie, consumer, and B2B media and related tech.
  • Structure: Speaker programme, networking breaks, and socials, and consulting huddles

Pre-agenda offer

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Speakers loading

While we work on finalising more speakers, here is an overview of where we stand with the programme (note, this is a rough draft, so speaker slots may still move around across both days):

DAY 1, Tuesday 12 March:
  • Ándres Rodriguez, President of Spainmedia and ARI, will welcome attendees to Spain.
  • Natasha Christie-Miller, former CEO of Ascential Intelligence and Senior Advisor to brands such as TED TalksUK, will discuss content, communities and innovation as components of business model success.
  • Andy Burt, MD of and at Industry DiveUSA, will speak about making innovation part of the culture and empowering employees in the age of AI.
  • Jacob Donnelly, Founder of A Media Operator and Publisher at Morning BrewUSA, will talk about the direct-to-consumer and creator-led trends driving the future of media.
  • Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Co-founder and CEO of Her Campus MediaUSA, will talk about how this innovative media and marketing company empowers US college women and Gen Z, actively reaching more than 10 million of them monthly.
  • Erika Marzano, Project Manager: Audience Development at Deutsche WelleGermany, will share how DW reaches new audiences via TikTok and other initiatives.
  • Richard O’Connor, B2B Marketing, UK; Michael Chaffe, Wolves Summit, Poland; Jean-Paul Reparon, AgriMedia, The Netherlands; and Rachel Arthur, Boom Saloon, UK and Malaysia will join us to discuss successful product and revenue model development for indies.
DAY 2: Wednesday 13 March:
  • Andrew Losowsky, Head of Community Products at Vox Media, USA, will discuss the design and operation of modern media communities built on trust.
  • Alan Soon, Founder and CEO of Splice Media, Singapore, will share the secrets of building viable media indies in Asia.
  • Kritasha Gupta, Head of Business Development at Financial Times, and George Montagu, Head of Insight at FT Strategies, UK, will explain how FT launches and builds successful mini-brands targeting particular special interests.
  • Bettina Werdner, Head of Vertical Hub, Blick at RingierSwitzerland, will talk about how they develop niche verticals to engage and monetise news audiences using their 26 Summits initiative as a case study.
  • Martin Ashplant, MD of the TehPro B2B vertical at Future, UK, will talk about taking niche brands global, and will also share what consumer and B2B media can learn from one another.
  • Álex Poderoso, Chief Digital Officer at RBASpain, will explain why magazine media is about so much more than a product. He will use Clara, a women’s magazine and one of RBA’s most popular online destinations, explaining how its community, video, newsletters and more combine to drive success.
  • Marco Olavarria, a consultant at Berlin Consulting in Germany, has the pleasure of working across several media and related companies. He will share insights from his work on the do’s and don’ts of creating a management culture that fosters innovation.

We will announce more speakers and sessions in the weeks to come.

Huddles loading

Huddles are meetup areas at Mx3 Barcelona, where attendees can book mini-consulting sessions with leading technologists and advisories.

They provide an opportunity to have immersive one-to-one conversations with top innovators to address pain points in your business, find solutions, and build win-win relationships that will stretch well beyond the event.

We will release more information about the Huddles in the coming weeks. If you want to become a Huddle @ Mx3 Barcelona partner, contact Mx3 Co-founder John Schlaefli at

We hope to see you in Barcelona in March!