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“Nurture a content team that reflects your audience”: The secret behind Pink News’ success

Our recently launched report, Innovators in Specialist Media Europe (Consumer Media Edition) dives deep into twenty hugely innovative, and successful, European media companies. In this extract, we look at how Pink News has grown to become the preeminent LGBTQ+ media brand. P.S. Our free-to-download report is available now. You can also download the first edition (B2B media) here.

Founded in 2005 and with a staff of 76, Pink News is a tour de force in specialist media. Indeed, it is widely acclaimed as the world’s largest and most influential media brand across the LGBTQ+ community, boasting over 150M monthly unique visitors across its various platforms.

Aimed primarily at Gen Z, its core mission is to inform, inspire change, and empower individuals to embrace their true selves and is committed to supporting and advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, actively driving meaningful change both in the UK and internationally.

Recent Innovations

  • First LGBTQ+ publisher on Snapchat in 2018, now managing 20 channels covering news, celebrity, and fashion with a nearly 20-person team. Part of a select group of media on Snapchat Discover.
  • Facebook is the publisher’s second-largest platform, accounting for about half of web traffic.
  • Fosters a fun, nurturing work environment for Gen Z teams, including monthly Pride of Pink News awards and regular staff surveys on work environment and content.
  • Introduction of an “uplifting news only” filter on the app and user ratings for articles based on emotional impact of the content.
  • Growth in direct partnership revenue from branded content creation, working with clients like Heineken and Hinge, offering more control and predictability than social media, despite longer lead times.
  • Experimentation with TikTok, achieving over 500k reach and up to 60M views monthly, surpassing outlets like the Guardian or New York Times, and leveraging expertise in vertical video developed on Snapchat.

Business Impact

  • In 2022, revenue was £10.3M and profit £2M.
  • 6M subscribers to Snapchat across all the brand’s channels.
  • In 2022, 80% of revenue came from social media monetised ads, principally from Snapchat, but this has now dropped to 50% as direct partnership revenue has grown.

Future Plans

  • Moving to a 24/7 newsroom, recruiting staff in US and Australia.
  • Growing direct partnership revenue.
  • Seeking to raise capital.

Lessons for other publishers

  1. Nurture a content team that reflects your audience.
  2. Use vertical video expertise to create partnership content for social media.

The above case study is one of twenty featured in our latest report, Innovators in Specialist Media Europe (Consumer Media Edition). Other examples include Berlingske Media, De Groene Amsterdammer, DECO PROTeste, Exponential View, Giallozafferano (Mondadori), and many others. Written by Carolyn Morgan, the free-to-download report is available now. You can also download the first edition (B2B media) here.