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NME launches NME Screens, a new global NME brand activation

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Following a turbulent past decade, New Musical Express (NME) is doubling down on live events and in-person brand activations alongside its global film and studio partners.

New Musical Express, the iconic British music brand founded in 1952, has launched NME Screens which it describes as ‘a new global NME brand activation that creates exclusive film and TV experiences for NME’s millions of entertainment fans’.

NME will partner with studios, distributors and streamers to curate preview screenings of new theatrical, streamer, and VOD releases, all carefully selected by the NME’s editorial team. As part of each NME Screens activation, NME will support a widescale content roll-out across all of its owned channels that tie in with the release.

The first activation for NME Screens series will be an exclusive preview screening of the documentary Meet Me In The Bathroom, an immersive journey through the New York music scene of the early 2000s based on Lizzy Goodman’s book of the same name. The event will take place on Thursday 9 March in Shoreditch, London and will be free to attend.

NME’s global audiences are watching more films and TV shows than ever, which is why it’s the perfect time to launch NME Screens, connecting those audiences with exclusive screenings of the best new films and shows. We’re thrilled to launch NME Screens with the exceptional Meet Me In The Bathroom and thank our friends at Universal Pictures Content Group for their support and collaboration.

Benedict Ransley, Head of Marketing at NME Networks

The launch follows a choppy few years for the publisher which saw it cease print publication in 2018 after 66 years following an ill-fated short venture as an ad-funded, free title. In 2019, TI Media subsequently sold NME to Singapore’s BandLab Technologies, and in December 2021, BandLab Technologies became Caldecott Music Group (CMG).

Under CMG, NME is now part of NME Networks, a self-described ‘next generation media company’ that has broadened its editorial remit to include gaming, events, and films. NME Networks has operations in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia.