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Nice Niche!

The premise of Mx3 Barcelona is that media verticals are valuable. Of course, not all verticals are created equal, and so, at the summit in March, we will have several speakers sharing their take on the “how to” when it comes to media verticalisation.

Mx3 Barcelona takes place on 12-13 March 2024. With a strong focus on innovation in and across media verticals, it is for leaders, innovators and mavericks in Creator-led, Consumer and B2B media. All on-stage conversations at Mx3 Barcelona are off-the-record to create a safe space for open and honest dialogue, so you must be in the room to be in the conversation.

See the full agenda (subject to minor changes) here and sign up here.

When it comes to verticalisation or niching, you will hear from, among others (with their Mx3 Barcelona session details included):


Bettina Widmer is Head of the Vertical Hub at Blick in Switzerland, part of the Ringier group.

Engaging and monetising niche audiences
Using their 26 Summits skiing and hiking initiative, Bettina Widmer reveals how Blick develops niche verticals to engage and monetise audiences effectively.


Sam Baker, Founder-Publisher of The Shift in the UK, has a long media career that includes stints as editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan and Red magazines. Now an entrepreneur, she spotted and tapped into what turned out to be a lucrative niche.

From launching a podcast to a six-figure business in three short years
Trace the remarkable journey of Sam Baker and The Shift. What started as a podcast for mid-life women in 2020 is now an evolving six-figure business with the podcast, a newsletter, and a thriving, tight-knit community. Sam tells us how she does it.


Singapore-based Splice Media Founder and CEO Alan Soon will discuss the verticalisation of media using several Southeast Asian examples.

You can’t build a viable media indie if you think mass. Think small
Through his work throughout Southeast Asia, Alan has a unique vantage point and knowledge of media trends across multiple media markets. Here, he shares why diving into media verticals is one of the major media trends in that part of the world and why thinking small is actually thinking big.


Creating vertical products is a big trend in news media, and so we will have Kritasha Gupta of the Financial Times and George Mouton of FT Strategies on stage to tell us more about it.

Diving into niches: How and why FT develops new mini-brands
Kritasha Gupta and George Montagu from the Financial Times discuss the strategy behind the development of niche mini-brands in the news media sector to engage special interest communities and enhance monetisation opportunities.


Martin Ashplant, MD of B2B Tech Pro at Future in the UK, will discuss the globalisation of niche media.

Globalising niche media: How ITPro, an 18-year-old UK B2B tech brand, achieved global reach
Globalisation is not the preserve of the big media brands. Martin Ashplant explains the power, potential and secrets of taking niche brands to the international stage.

    See the full agenda (note: it remains subject to minor changes) here.

    Join us in Barcelona for these and other on– and off-stage conversations.