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NFT’s gain ground: The world’s rarest comic goes under the hammer

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In a further demonstration of how NFT’s are gaining momentum within publishing, the world’s rarest comic – Hash Rush – will go under the hammer in the world’s first-ever dual auction of a physical and NFT comic book.

Aptly named the ‘Legend’ in honour of its creator, comic icon Neil Adams (Marvel and DC Comics), the auction will be conducted by ComicConnect – the world’s premier online auctioneer of vintage comic books, original comic art and pop culture memorabilia. 

The comic is Adams’ first original work in over two years, and the one-of-one first edition will be printed on gold aluminum. As the only one of its kind, it is hailed as the rarest comic in the world and will additionally be minted as a piece of digital art (non-fungible token/NFT).

The winning bidder will also net themselves an evening with Neal Adams in New York, courtesy of Hash Rush video game creators, Vorto Gaming; making it a once-in-a-lifetime prize.

Speculation is growing as to the value of the auction, with former Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Jim Shooter calling the items “priceless”, whilst Charles Rozanski, President of Mile High Comics Inc., says, “I have been continually amazed by the profound evolutionary changes in our collectibles genre. That is why I am particularly intrigued by the announcement that a single unique physical copy, and an accompanying unique NFT, are being offered for Neal Adams’ first original comic project in over two years.”

“Given that there is no track record for such a limited release, I can only speculate that this combination of rarities will bring well into five figures at auction, and may well enter the rarefied world of six figures.”

“Sad to say, this may be the only opportunity remaining for devoted fans to own such truly unique collectibles created through the genius of Neal Adams, so the sky truly is the only limit. Suffice to say, I shall watch the outcome of this particular auction with avid interest.”

Charles Rozanski, President of Mile High Comics Inc

NFT’s offer publishers huge potential – in late August, men’s magazine Maxim launched its own NFT marketplace in partnership with blockchain R&D Lab, xSigma. MaximNFT is currently selling NFTs from musicians, celebrities and sports stars, as well as its own NFTs from

It follows a successful experiment from Fortune, who in July sold 256 limited edition NFTs of its latest cover art. Each ‘tokenized’ piece cost 1 Ether, a single unit of the cryptocurrency Ethereum. The entire set sold out in minutes, raising a huge $1.3m for the publisher.