Democratising AI for publishers

Peter speaks with Maanas Mediratta, CEO at Bridged Media, about how and why making AI tools more accessible to publishers will help the whole ecosystem.
The Quality Edit is bootstrapped, profitable, and with 300K unique views per month, this small but mighty platform has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Here’s how they did it.
The Paper’s Oliver Gabe and Owen Davies explain why they launched the successful title alongside a live variety show, and what makes the title truly distinctive in a saturated market place.
What metrics should local news publishers be focusing on, and what new tech is out there to support growing businesses? This episode explores the tools, tech and trends – including AI.
To build a sustainable – and successful – publishing business requires staff to be on board with changes, as well as a collaborative environment with good communication. How can this be achieved?
Media Voices explore the challenges and opportunities that local news organisations are facing with finding sustainable revenue streams, as well as looking at some specific case studies across Europe.