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Mx3 REPORT: Media for Interest-Based Communities

Taken from presentations and briefings at FIPP World Media Congress 2023 held in Cascais, Portugal in June, our latest free-to-download report contains rich insights on the subject of niche audiences, and how to successfully engage and monetise them.

MediaMakersMeet, the organiser of the annual FIPP Congress, is proud to release its latest Mx3 Leadership report, Media for Interest-Based Communities.

Topics covered in-depth include the growing importance of specialised communities, the revival of personalised media, and the huge potential in doubling down on lucrative niche audiences.

The report contains insights from many of the speakers who presented in Cascais, Portugal, including Bonnie Kintzer (Trusted Media Brands), Reid DeRamus (Substack), Tav Klitgaard (Good Tape and Zetland), and Rafat Ali (Skift) – as well as leading commentators including Morning Brew’s Jacob Donnelly, Innovation Media’s Juan Señor, and Tow Center for Digital Journalism Fellow, Damian Radcliffe.

Click here to access the free report

As a bonus to readers who couldn’t attend the event, the report also includes links to these full Congress presentations (via our Congress On Demand Video Hub):

  • Bonnie Kintzer, CEO, Trusted Media Brands
  • Jacob Donnelly, Publisher, Morning Brew
  • Rafat Ali, CEO, Skift
  • Reid DeRamus, Head of Growth, Substack
  • Dom Needler, Head of Operations, Gfinity
  • Damian Radcliffe, Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism at University of Oregon and Fellow at the Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia University
  • Tav Klitgaard, CEO, Good Tape and Zetland
  • Ileana Grabitz, Head of the Department of Politics, Economics & Society, ZEIT ONLINE
  • Juan Señor, President, Innovation Media Consulting
  • Jacqueline Loch, EVP Social & Emerging Platforms, SJC Media
  • Lance Johnson, Executive Investor and Advisor, and former CEO of Recurrent Ventures
  • Richard Lee, Chief Integration Officer, The News Lens Group
  • Kerrin O’Connor, Founder and CEO of media consultants, Atlas