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At IAB Conference in Palm Desert, optimism sets in

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Attendees at this week’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, California, acknowledged digital ads’ problems are far from solved, but also acknowledged there’s been progress in cleaning them up. Ad fraud declined 10 percent last year, and there’s been a big uptake in adoption of ads.txt, which is designed to help buyers avoid spoofed domains and arbitraged inventory.

Chrome’s ad-blocking filter is also about to be turned on, which high-quality publishers hope will lead to higher pricing for their inventory by weeding out annoying and obtrusive ad formats.

There’s also an air of liberation now that publishers know they can’t count on Facebook for distribution like they used to.

“There’s a feeling that we’re in the middle of a reckoning,” said Grant Whitmore, an evp at Tronc. “There’s the belief that money will flow to us. It gives a certain type of publisher swagger to say, ‘I have an audience who comes to be because they like what I do.’”

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