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Men’s Journal doubles its audience using SEO and by expanding content categories

More content categories and focus on SEO results in a 125 percent audience growth.

American Media Inc. may be getting more than it bargained for when it acquired Men’s Journal from the now-defunct Wenner Media in August 2017. Last week, the company announced the brand increased its audience from three million to eight million since the acquisition.

Men’s Journal’s CRO, Jay Gallagher, told Folio:, “Our position is Google based. We participate on Facebook but we don’t want to depend on it. So instead what we did is build is an authoritative position that’s search based.  And as Google changes, we try to change lockstep with them.”

For instance, Gallagher notes that when internet users are looking for the best whiskies, Men’s Journal holds the first non-native search result. And likewise, the brand is near the top with other passion points its intended audience will engage with, whether it’s spirits, travel or luxury goods and gadgets.

While Gallagher is proud of the growing print metrics, he’s more excited about the momentum on the digital side because he sees it as a promising path to scale and new business opportunities.

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