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Media Moments 2020: Boom in subscriptions, the collapse of events, and shifting trust in journalism

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What’s New in Publishing is pleased to present its annual report Media Moments 2020, sponsored by Permutive and written by the Media Voices team.

From the collapse of events to the boom in subscriptions and shifting trust in journalism, this report explores how 2020’s defining moments have changed the media landscape, and what the future holds for 2021 and beyond.

The report’s nine chapters each give an overview of the moments which have defined the past year, along with a look at where we are now, what we can expect to happen next year, and a collection of case studies of publishers and brands who have made their mark, for better or worse.

Explore how global protests have forced media to think harder about diversity and inclusion, why keyword blocking has grown to become such an issue, the resilience of audio throughout the pandemic, and how publishers have used this year to reflect and reset their long-held strategies and beliefs.

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