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Media makers in Barcelona await: But your exclusive offer ends on 5 October!

Regret has a way of creeping in when we miss out on great opportunities. So, make sure this isn’t one of those times.
Our exclusive, discounted launch offer for Media Makers Meet (Mx3) Barcelona ends on 5 October. After that, prices go up.


A quick overview and first speakers

Mx3 Barcelona brings together leaders, innovators and mavericks in specialist media, i.e., creator-led, consumer and B2B media, creating brands, products and services for well-defined, enthusiast and professional communities.

It takes place on 12-13 March 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.

Mx3 Barcelona is an international event that gathers top speakers, attendees, and sponsors from the US, Europe, and elsewhere.

Work on the speaker programme has now started in earnest. Our first three confirmed speakers are:

  • Alan Soon, Founder, Splice Media, Singapore
  • Álex Poderoso, Chief Digital Officer, RBA, Spain
  • Jacob Donnelly, Publisher, Morning Brew, and Founder, A Media Operator, USA

With many more to come, we will announce newly confirmed speakers in the coming weeks.

It’s about passion, ambition and drive

Mx3 Barcelona is different from your typical event. With its off-the-record stage conversations, in-depth round tables and several networking opportunities, it is made to engage and learn, all in an informal, tight-knit environment. Learn more about Mx3 Barcelona here.

There’s something extraordinary when like-minded individuals come together, and we’d love for you to be part of and contribute to it, too. Join international colleagues who share your passion, ambition, and drive to make media verticals work.

There’s only one thing. Our launch offer is now on its last legs. After 5 October, it’s gone. So register now to save.


We hope to see you in Barcelona in March!

Cobus and John
Media Makers Meet – Mx3