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Man of Many becomes the first digital publisher in Australia to be certified carbon neutral

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Man of Many, Australian Consumer Publication of the Year in 2021, is the first digital publisher in Australia to become carbon neutral by selecting a local indigenous carbon project to offset its emissions.

As issues of environmental sustainability come to the forefront for many publishers, Australia’s largest men’s lifestyle brand, Man of Many, has become the first publisher in the region to be officially audited as ‘carbon neutral’ under the Federal Government’s Climate Active standard.

According to Climate Active, certification is awarded to businesses that “have credibly reached net zero emissions” by independently calculating their greenhouse gas emissions, reduced these emissions “as much as possible” and have “offset any remaining emissions by purchasing carbon offset units”.

As part of the strategy, Man of Many selected a local indigenous carbon project to offset its emissions. The Merepah Fire Project is run through the Aboriginal Carbon Foundation which catalyses community prosperity through carbon farming.

The Merepah Fire Project involves strategic fire management, including aerial and ground burning as well as fire suppression to reduce late dry-season wildfires, in turn decreasing carbon emissions. Through the project, Traditional Owners have established strong environmental management and governance and have improved job prospects with career pathways, whether as workers in the cattle industry, as rangers protecting cultural or natural assets, or as fire management operators.

Commenting on the announcement, Man of Many’s Co-Founder, Scott Purcell, said, “As we regularly feature and promote sustainable practices, conscious consumption and ethical businesses as part of our news coverage, we think it is important for Man of Many to stand by these values ourselves and ‘walk the talk’.”

We also felt it was important that we chose a local carbon project that aligns with our values and supports environmental, economic, cultural and social benefits here in Australia

Scott Purcell, Co-Founder, Man of Many

Publishers double down on environmental sustainability

It comes at a time of increasing pressure from brand advertisers to account for their wider carbon emissions which includes their choice of publisher partners.

During WNIP’s London publisher tour last month, a number of publishers remarked how brands are demanding to know publishers’ carbon footprints, with the clear implication that campaigns could be pulled and given to more environmentally friendly media partners.

However, whilst the Advertising Association’s Ad Net Zero Summit, WARC’s Ad Net Zero Guide, and Advertising Week’s Ad Net Zero podcast are all examples of an ad industry doubling down on sustainability, the publishing industry has been lagging.

Notable exceptions include Future plc who announced in December its plan to go carbon-neutral within the next five years, Condé Nast which aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, and Bloomberg Media whose goal is to become Net Zero by 2025.

Editor’s note: 130 governments worldwide have agreed to meet Net Zero emissions targets by 2050, as well as employ a Net Zero Workforce. Net Zero includes all greenhouse gases, not just carbon dioxide. The IPCC has also stated that to avoid ‘climate catastrophe’, global emissions must be halved by 2030 (Paris Agreement) before becoming Net Zero by 2050. However, it must be noted that not all scientists are convinced by the arguments and scientific conclusions.