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James Hewes announces his departure from FIPP

FIPP President & CEO James Hewes has today announced his departure from the trade association, to take up a new role as the CEO at the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the world’s largest professional PR body. The move will happen in January 2024.

Having been involved with FIPP for nearly 20 years, he has led the organisation for the past 6 years. “I’ve had the benefit of working with a great team, who I will miss dearly, and together I’d like to think that we’ve delivered meaningful change and built a new FIPP that is fit for the future.” James said.

“My time at FIPP will be marked by our response to the Covid crisis – as it will for any of us who lived through that strange and difficult period. I am particularly proud of the way we responded to that situation, with a combination of great teamwork and innovative thinking seeing us through.

“Although I’m going off to a new – but not too distant – industry, my heart will always remain in media, and I hope to still be a part of this fantastic business for many years to come. As I leave, I’d like to thank all the people who made my time at FIPP so special – my fantastic team, our partners at Mx3, our FIPP Board and Committee members and the five fantastic FIPP Chairs I’ve had the honour of working with – it’s been a pleasure.

“FIPP celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2025, I hope that I’ve managed to play a small part in ensuring that it will enter its second century ready to take on the challenges of our rapidly evolving market.”

Media Makers Meet – Mx3 cofounders Cobus Heyl and John Schlaefli, said, “Congratulations from all of us here to James on becoming CEO of PRCA! While it marks the end of an era of working closely together, our friendship will remain.

“FIPP remains a vital Mx3 partner, and we look forward to our continued partnership around the FIPP World Media Congress (which Mx3 produces on license from FIPP) and other activities. We are fortunate to have worked with the FIPP team and management board over many years, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to helping FIPP serve its global community of media, tech, associations and other service providers.

“We wish James well at PRCA; the door will always remain open for him at our events and otherwise!”