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Immediate Media launches tailored video content via magazine QR codes

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olive, part of Immediate Media’s food portfolio, has launched QR codes within its magazine pages that generate video clips for readers to further explore the published features.

olive, the food and destination lifestyle brand published by Immediate Media, has undergone a re-design that includes the use of embedded QR codes. When a reader scans a QR code, it opens bespoke videos that enable readers to immerse themselves further in the restaurant, travel destination or individual the feature is covering.

The publisher currently has no plans to roll out the technology across other titles within its portfolio, and within the current (re-designed) issue of olive the publisher is testing only three QR codes. However, it can be assumed that if the QR code launch goes well, other Immediate brands will follow suit.

Whilst sold on retail newsstands for £5.99, olive is primarily a subscription brand with over 29,000 subscriptions which amount to 72% of its print circulation. According to Immediate, the brands total print readership is 113,000, whilst the brand’s digital platform generates over 5M page views per month. The average age of olive’s readers is 50 (print) and 47 (digital).

olive’s Editor-in-Chief, Christine Hayes, says, “olive magazine’s new look gives the magazine an edge on newsstands and the integration of QR codes allows readers to scan a code with their smartphone and access video content. The cleaner look and integration of video content provides an opportunity to grow our audience of passionate foodies.” 

olive’s Creative Director, Ben Curtis adds, “We’ve been looking at new and interactive ways to simplify the reader’s experience – the fresher look and integration of QR codes does just that. Stand-out fonts, and creating bespoke videos for our print content gives added value and allows them to immerse themselves in the restaurant or person we’re writing about’. 

Partnership with Uber Eats

The news coincides with olive magazine (as well as BBC Good Food, another Immediate brand) partnering with Uber Eats. The partnership will see the integration of over 15,000 recipes on and with Uber Eats, enabling readers to quickly and simply purchase missing items or full ingredient lists. 

Our new partnership with Immediate Media will allow millions of people looking to make recipes from scratch at home with a quick and easy way to purchase the full ingredient list or just a missing item.

Alex Troughton, Head of Commerce at Uber Eats UK

An example of olive magazine’s social media and video content can be viewed below: