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How to overcome churn to build loyalty, Maxim launches NFT marketplace, and more: This week in publishing

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Do NFTs feature in your future?

This week saw men’s magazine brand Maxim launch its own NFT marketplace in partnership with blockchain R&D Lab, xSigma. MaximNFT will sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) from musicians, celebrities and sports stars, as well as its own NFTs from

It follows a successful experiment from Fortune, who last month sold 256 limited edition NFTs of its latest cover art. Each ‘tokenized’ piece cost 1 Ether, a single unit of the cryptocurrency Ethereum. The entire set sold out in minutes, raising a whopping $1.3m for the publisher.

We’re a little divided here at WNIP on NFTs. Is this another potential revenue stream for publishers, the next ‘big thing’ in media? If not now, then perhaps in the future – after all, technologies like QR codes have only just come into their own.

On the other hand, technologies like cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs have yet to break into the mainstream. There’s a lot of chatter about them in certain circles, but few people on the street would be able to tell you what an NFT was. To go global, it has to be simple…something that NFTs are decidedly not. Yet.



“More than 60% of those readers that leave your site will not return”: How publishers can overcome churn to build engagement and loyalty

Even though the cookieless future might seem a long way off, industry progress has been slow. For publishers still relying on third-party cookies, two years is a short space of time to transform their entire ad revenue model. So now is the time to put plans into action.

Building subscriptions through a crisis: Insights from Bauer

Bauer UK’s new CEO of Publishing Chris Duncan spent his first weeks trying to keep the lights on. 18 months later, total subscriptions are up 41.8%.

Maxim launches its own NFT marketplace

NFTs represent a significant opportunity for publishers to monetize their content library, especially imagery and other one-offs.

“The evidence is clear”: Headline testing continues to drive higher engagement for publishers

The average publisher drives more than 5x the engagement with headline testing after two years.

sovrn_ebook_wnip 2021

The ending of third-party cookies: Next steps for publishers

To prepare for a future without third-party cookies, publishers should take action in the following three areas.

European publishers are making paid podcasts work: Here’s how

European publishers are exploring different paid audio strategies—from paid podcasts to paid audio versions of their articles.

The role of emojis in increasing publisher traffic

We asked ourselves a simple question: Does including emojis in Facebook share messages actually increase referral traffic for publishers?

Increased advertising, algorithm changes: Is Google getting worse?

Even if we can move away from Google’s grasp in our web browsing activities, there is a whole new range of challenges for consumers on the horizon.


Afghanistan’s media landscape: Before and after the Taliban takeover

We’ve collected the reports and articles that bring us closer to the evolution of the Afghanistan media landscape and to its current situation.

Making content analytics data actionable: A primer for publishers

Letting the data inspire your actions is where the real challenge lies. In other words, how do you get from data to action?

Consent Management: What publishers need to know today

Trying to stay on top of this ever-changing landscape can be a nightmare for publishers, especially when there are significant penalties for failing to comply.

A good time for magazines, a great time for books: Publishing Pandemic Roundtable

The Publishing Pandemic Roundtable met with Krifka Steffey, Barnes and Noble’s Director of Merchandise for Newsstand and Media, to talk about the chain’s recovery in 2021, and the fresh, innovative product she’d like to see.

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