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How the FT’s 1 million digital subscribers help its ad business: The Media Roundup

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How the FT’s 1 million digital subscribers help its ad business

Earlier this month the Financial Times announced it had 1 million digital subscribers, many from outside the UK. Almost half of the FT’s total revenue now comes from digital subscriptions and chief commercial officer Jon Slade has been speaking to Digiday about how the publication made that major milestone and how it could help its ad revenue.

He explains how – slightly counter-intuitively – a publication’s subscription business can ‘power’ its advertising business, delivering data that can drive an ‘effective, analytical, targeted advertising business’. The bottom line is understanding your audience enough to get them to renew their subscriptions also lets you create a better advertising proposition.

Slade says: “The richer that inventory is… the better your pricing leverage in an advertising market, which is otherwise trending downwards in terms of price.” For the FT, subs and ads are symbiotic, not and “either-or.”

UK news organisations commit dozens of staff to covering Ukraine invasion

On the day that we heard of the killing of a US journalist in Ukraine, the Press Gazette reported there are more than 50 journalists from the UK covering the war in Ukraine from inside the country. The industry title has details of every major UK outlet’s commitment to report on the conflict and also compiled a Twitter list of UK journalists tweeting from Ukraine.

Why clickbait journalism backfires on local papers

Esther highlighted Reach’s dopey traffic target strategy last week and James Ball has written about it for the New Statesman. His bottom line is actually providing people with local information they need or care about is in direct competition with crude traffic targets. He says: “Reach risks knowing the ad rate of everything, but the value of nothing.”

TikTok’s biggest Chinese competitor bets big on Brazil

If you’re tired of the slow grind of growing your TikTok following, maybe you should try Kwai. Just two weeks after posting her first video on the Chinese-owned TikTok competitor Brazillian creator Moreira had 120,000 followers. She is now closing in on 600,000, with each of her videos averaging around one million views. I’m not sure if you need to be able to create in Portuguese, but if you’re in a hurry, Kwai might be worth a shot.

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