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How subscription publishers approached Black Friday: The Media Roundup

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Long-term subscriptions and low price points: how publishers approached Black Friday 2022

Twipe has spent the week studying the Black Friday offers of 60 publishers from 17 different countries. Of the 60, 37 offered specific Black Friday deals.

Given that there have been a number of studies in recent years showing the difficulty of converting low-cost and trial subscribers into a full paying relationship, I’m a little surprised at the extent of some of this discounting. El País gave their readers 75% off, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 80%, and Göteborgs-Posten leading the way at a 99% discount.

There are lots of interesting points to consider in this helpful overview, but one point I thought was worth noting was that, in contrast to 2021, virtually no publishers offered non-news products as part of a Black Friday bundle. The Telegraph was the only exception, offering new subscribers a free coffee cup. Maybe logistical/distribution challenges (and postal strikes?) are making freebies just a little too dear these days.

“The momentum is clearly with digital”: How publishers can successfully manage the shift from print

A new FIPP report offers tips to publishers for effectively growing their digital revenue and keeping a healthy balance with the print side of the business. WNIP have done a round-up of some of the key takeaways – I didn’t realise print subscriptions still represent over half of total paid subscriptions (and 83% of total subscriptions revenue)! 

Bloomberg Media revenue up 20 percent, ad revenue up 25 percent

Bloomberg has seen growth in the majority of its key business drivers this year. Advertising has seen 25% growth, boosted by especially strong EMEA performance, and events have seen a massive 90% growth (although huge jumps like that are to be expected compared to mid-pandemic 2021). Their subscribers now total 450,000, which they note has been accelerated by the enterprise subs business started earlier this year.

How we follow climate change: climate news use and attitudes in eight countries

Reuters continues its important work on climate journalism with a new report that explores how people in eight countries access news and information about climate change. One interesting point is that the vast majority of people are worried about the impact of climate change in the world – ranging from 75% in the USA to 89% in India. That implies much less scepticism than expected.

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