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Google Privacy Sandbox at the Leadership Club Global Roundtable, April 17th returns with its next virtual Leadership Club Global Roundtable. The theme? The most popular search query made by industry professionals: Google Privacy Sandbox.

Mediaspace, the award-winning platform and leadership community, is hosting its Q1 global virtual roundtable of 2024 on the 17th of April from 3pm (UK timezone). It is dedicated to the strategic and pragmatic impacts of Google Privacy Sandbox.


Whilst Google started to phase out 3rd party cookies from Chrome by 1% in January 2024, it’s hard to predict if the Privacy Sandbox initiative will get the green light from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (who have global commitments from Google to monitor it) and if Google will finally sunset 3rd party cookies from Chrome in 2024, or if it will be further delayed.

But it’s a crucial topic to deal with for every marketer, publisher, media company, service provider, regulator or innovator due to the fundamental changes on digital advertising and monetisation, including targeting, remarketing and measurement.

To continue progressive and informal conversations at the Leadership Club, Gabrielle Jenkins from the Google Privacy Sandbox team in London will kick off the conversation to put the Sandbox in a strategic perspective.

After the keynote address, Kinga Incze, Founder and CEO of will be facilitating the discussion on how C-level decision-makers need to prepare for changes in 2024 and beyond. The virtual roundtable is under Chatham House Rules for a deeper and more informal knowledge exchange.


  • Welcome by H Kinga Incze, Media expert, Founder & CEO of
  • Keynote speech – Gabrielle Jenkins, Google Privacy Sandbox
  • Member-to-member conversation
  • Digital networking


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