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Generations, storytelling and audience engagement tricks of the trade

Two Millennial parents are having lunch at a trendy gastropub, their Gen Alpha 5-year-old glued to her Fire HD 10 Kids Pro screen. Elsewhere, a GenZer, talking loudly into a phone, and a Boomer, newspaper in hand, walk up to the bar. What can I get you folks?, asks the Gen X Slacker, keeping one eye on the corner TV for the football scores.

Welcome to your audiences.

At Mx3 Barcelona,  on 12-13 March, we will have several conversations focusing on storytelling and audience engagement strategies for Consumer and B2B Media brands. These conversations are all off-the-record to create a safe space for open and honest dialogue and to provide attendees with unfiltered views, insights and ideas on the future of their businesses. See the full agenda (subject to minor changes) here and sign up here (our limited-time Early Bird offer is currently still available),

Here is a little bit about what you will see.


TheSoul Publishing has 2 billion+ followers and 25 billion+ monthly page views across video channels such as 5-minute Crafts, 123 Go, Brightside, Avocado Couple, Slick Slime Sam, and more. Victor Potrel, SVP of Partnerships and Creator Services at TheSoul Publishing will explain the revolution in watching experiences and share strategies for video-first engagement of younger audience sets.


Erika Marzano is the Product Manager for Audience Development at the 71-year-old German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle. She will explain how DW adopts new formats and uses platforms such as TikTok to attract and engage Gen Z audiences.


Questex CEO Paul Miller will share how digital, data and culture drive in-person event and B2B media success in the experiential economy. It’s a story of how a $70 million media and information services business transformed into a customer-centric industry leader.


Simon Michel-Berger, Editor-in-Chief of agrarheute at Landwirtschaftsverlag (a B2B publisher for the agricultural sector) in Germany, will explain how award-winning innovation in journalism fuelled brand development and recognition, attracting new users, enhancing value to existing ones and facilitated revenue growth).


People are assets, even in a world where AI content may dominate. The Telegraph’s Michelle Brister, Head of Audience Development, will explain how enhancing your journalists’ voice adds authenticity to your media brand, helps to cut through the noise and effectively increase brand engagement.

Join us in Barcelona for these and other on– and off-stage conversations.