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Gen Z are the UK’s biggest content consumers

UK millennials are spending 8.5 hours consuming content across all their devices, with Generation Z spending 10.6 hours, according to new research.

The findings come from Adobe’s latest report into the UK’s content consumption habits, which found the UK average for content consumption is 6.9 hours.

The report also revealed that consumers’ favourite way to experience content – whether it’s from friends, family, publishers or brands – is via smartphone.

Polling 1,000 UK consumers, the report found millennials spend an average of 5.2 hours a day consuming content specifically on mobile, rising to 5.9 hours for Generation Z. Over half of those polled (54%) said they used multiple devices at any one time, with 1.8 devices being the average.

The study also revealed that brands must pay attention to emerging content channels. When asked about how they would prefer to consume content in the next five years, four-fifths of the consumers polled (79%) said they would like to engage with content via a home entertainment streaming device, two-thirds (63%) would like to use a Voice Assistant, while half (51%) are looking towards connected home devices.

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