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Freddie Starr ate my NFT: The Media Roundup

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News UK explores cashing in on crypto boom with NFTs

They’ve tried bingo and gambling so it’s no surprise that The Sun publisher is looking to cash in on the NFT ponzi scheme fad. According to the Guardian, News UK is exploring the idea that ‘classic’ front pages and exclusive photos from The Sun and The Times can have a lucrative second life.

I have to be honest, I’m struggling to imagine how the Sun leadership expects to promote these to its readers. Last year, the ASA banned the promotion of digital “fan tokens” by Arsenal. It said they were exploiting supporters’ “inexperience or credulity, trivialising investment in crypto-assets” so, you know.

News UK explores cashing in on crypto boom with NFTs

Given the recent crypto collapse and all the scams, it feels like The Sun is a wee bit late to the party on this one. Still, if you want to spend your hard earned to be able to say you own an exclusive, absolutely unique NFT of that hamster front page that’s up there at the top of this newsletter, knock yourself out.

Content-rich, hyper local audio

A new community radio station has launched in the Dorset town of Shaftesbury. What’s interesting is the station began life as a seven day-a-week, 45-minute long podcast. Featuring stories about the local area, the station serves less than 12,000 people and is staffed almost entirely by volunteers (mostly retired). Material for hour-long programmes is recorded on phones and edited on Hindenburg. Genius!

‘We’re encouraged’: NewsPassID passes its pilot phase

You had forgotten that third-party cookies are going away next year hadn’t you? Well he’re a little reminder that work is still going on to find a replacement. A test by the Local Media Consortium, involving McClatchy and E.W. Scripps,  proved that using its NewsPassID in open programmatic auctions led to significantly better outcomes for publishers, including higher CPMs and sales volumes.

Nick Clegg promoted to President

He might only have been deputy PM In the UK, but Nick Clegg is a President in the metaverse. Zuck has rewarded the former political idealist for three years defending the indefensible, promoting him to President, Global Affairs. The good news for Nick is history will now forget his tuition-fees treachery and focus squarely on his time overseeing the endless dumpster fire that is policy development at Meta.

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