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Forthcoming Report: Skills, Talent, and Recruitment in the Age of AI

Media Makers Meet – Mx3 is delighted to announce the forthcoming release of its latest report, Skills, Talent, and Recruitment in the Age of AI. The report contains insights, comments and contributions from renowned global media companies as well as influential supply-side vendors. Our free-to-download report is slated for release mid October – please subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you informed.

Media companies and supply-side vendors are facing even more disruption, this time when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. On top of the fact that hiring talent has become more competitive and expensive, retention has also become challenging due to the disillusionment with careers and work environments.

But there is now another consideration: AI.

In our forthcoming report, we look at the state of skills, talent and recruitment across the media industry, with a special focus on the implications of the emergence of AI. In short, how are companies adapting to the challenge of AI in terms of recruitment, staffing, upskilling, and the nurturing of employees well-being?

Leading media companies detailed in the report include Axel Springer, Nikkei Business Publications, Zetland, Outside Inc., William Reed, The News Lens, Impresa, Daily Maverick, and many others including supply-side vendors who also play a crucial role within the media ecosystem.

Anyone who begins to adopt AI tools and stays on top of what streamlines work processes will have a huge advantage over the rest of the market. Everything that relates to automation will massively increase productivity.

Agustino Fontevecchia, Digital Director, Argentinian publisher Editorial Perfil

The type of job and level will determine the skills people will need. Leaders will need to guide the organisation through the uncertainty with a clear vision, but also a malleable approach supporting a culture of experimentation with principles and frameworks to inform big decisions.

Styli Charalambous, CEO and Co-Founder, South African publisher Daily Maverick

The expertise in expressing and explaining will no longer be “expertise” in the AI era. That is, the difference in skills between professionals and consumers will become smaller. More and more consumers will be satisfied with content summarised, collected or created by AI. More human originality will become essential in the future.

Yuko Tanaka, General Manager, Global Business Unit, & Yasuo Metsugi, General Manager, Future Incubation Business Office, at Japanese publisher Nikkei Business Publications

Rather than replacing jobs, our focus is to explore and implement solutions that augment skill sets and also provide efficiencies for certain tasks. The goal is to empower our teams and make them more productive.

John Barnes, Chief Digital Officer, UK publisher William Reed

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