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Exclusive Report: Innovators in U.S. Specialist Media

Media Makers Meet – Mx3 is delighted to launch its latest report, Innovators in Specialist Media USA (B2B & B2C Edition). Written by Carolyn Morgan, the report dives deep into twenty hugely innovative and successful U.S. media companies and dissects the key insights, learnings and takeaways. Our free-to-download report is available now.

What does it take to build a successful specialist media business? How do you need to think differently about your audiences, content, advertisers, business model and technology?

In this report we examine twenty specialist U.S. media businesses, both B2B and B2C, and showcase the huge variety of approaches they use to build a thriving specialist media business.

Commentators often focus on the larger U.S. brands but they miss dozens of smart stories about specialist media innovators. This report bridges that gap, with twenty profiles of inspirational media businesses that are providing their niche audiences with a range of content products and services.

The twenty companies include TMB (Trusted Media Brands), TheWrap, Her Campus Media, Skift, Workweek, Active Interest Media, Donut, Firecrown, The Marlin Group, Old Farmer’s Almanac, Stampington, The Sporting News, The Verge and more…

Download your copy of Innovators in U.S. Specialist Media by clicking here

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