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eCommerce in Publishing: Free Report Download

What’s New in Publishing is proud to present eCommerce in Publishing: Trends & Strategies, a special insight report sponsored by Sovrn, supported by University of Oregon School of Journalism & Communication, and written by University of Oregon ProfessorDamian Radcliffe.  

The COVID crisis has “accelerated” efforts by publishers to generate money through eCommerce, with 30% of commercial publishers surveyed indicating that this would be an “important” or “very important” revenue stream.

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eCommerce’s moment has come. A combination of shifting consumer behaviors, coupled with the urgency to diversify revenue streams, means that growing numbers of publishers are ready to cross the online shopping Rubicon.

We hope that this free report can help you see the potential for eCommerce as part of your revenue mix, how it can complement your content, and provide the logical next step in your readers’ relationship with your publishing brand.

  :: Download the free report here ::