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Ditch the screen: Mx3 & FIPP in-person events on the horizon

In a world dominated by countless virtual interactions, there’s nothing quite like the power of face-to-face meetings for novel insights, serendipitous conversations, and deepening business relationships. Here’s what’s coming up from Media Makers Meet – Mx3 and FIPP.

While we love digital, the more we find ourselves on that hamster wheel, the more we look forward to hosting our international media and media-tech colleagues face-to-face worldwide.

With that in mind, here’s a peek into what we have brewing in our events boiler room for the coming months 🚀:

  • Mx3 AI
  • Mx3 Barcelona
  • FIPP Insiders
  • FIPP World Media Congress
  • Call for speaker proposals
  • Call for partnership proposals


Mx3 AI is a one-day pop-up event in London on 7 December 2023. It is an intimate, conversation-led event exclusively for business leaders across media and media tech and includes stage conversations, informal networking and post-event podcast and report.

  • Learn more about Mx3 AI and sign up here.
  • Read our Mx3 AI announcement here.


Registration for Mx3 Barcelona on 12-13 March 2024 focuses on innovation in the specialist media sector. It includes stage conversations, round tables, other networking conversations, and an informal social event on the evening of the 12th. All our on-stage discussions are off the record for open, honest and interactive exchanges. If you are not in the room, you are not in the conversation!


We work with our close partners, FIPP – Connecting Global Media, on acquiring international speakers and sponsors for their half-day FIPP Insiders. They have three upcoming Insiders in Budapest (21 September), Johannesburg (10 October) and Cape Town (12 October). We will soon start work on their last one for 2023 in New York City in late November.


In the coming weeks, we will announce details for the FIPP World Media Congress, which we organise and host. Congress 2024 will take place in late September/early October. A reminder that our 2023 attendees can still access all speaker recordings (with AI-generated closed captions in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish), time-stamped session transcriptions and other resources from our Mx3 Hub. If you did not attend Congress 2023 but wish to get access to the Congress resources, contact me at or John Schlaefli at


If you want to speak at Mx3 AI, Mx3 Barcelona and or FIPP Insider NYC, contact me at


If you want to partner with us on any of the events, contact my colleagues John Schlaefli at and TJ Hunter at

We look forward to seeing you in person in the coming weeks and months!


Cobus Heyl
Co-founder and COO, Media Makers Meet – Mx3