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How commerce publishers use their data to cozy up to retailers

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Commerce-focused publishers looking to deepen their ties with retailers and limit their dependence on Amazon are delivering more than just interested audiences these days.

Using conversion data from e-commerce transactions, commerce publishers are giving retailers recommendations on everything from discounting strategies to the look of retailers’ landing pages to the prices of the items themselves.

They are also using site search and influencer data to help retailers know what products to promote to customers. Some are considering licensing this data, but for now, most provide it for free in hopes of benefiting indirectly because if the retailers’ sales improve, so will the publishers’ cuts.

PopSugar gives retailers data on which products and brands are most popular with its audience and 20,000 Instagram influencers. Tech-focused publisher Purch uses audience data that tracks its readers across sites and devices to help retailers optimize everything from sales offers to the design of their sales pages.

The collaborations can grow deep. Purch has enough best practices about what kinds of landing pages convert that it built its own template, which it periodically offers to retailers.

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