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Building resilient newsrooms at Newsrewired: The Media Roundup

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Catch up on Newsrewired

Newsrewired, the digital publishing conference for media execs, journalists, academics and industry experts, took place in London yesterday. Adam Tinworth has live-blogged some of the sessions:

The Atlantic attempts to expand ROI of its reporting with books

The Atlantic is moving into book publishing. It has partnered with Zando to create a new imprint, Atlantic Editions, which will publish between six and 12 nonfiction titles per year. Jacob Donnelly does a brilliant job of setting out why this will benefit both publishers and staff who could potentially get book deals, and why it makes so much sense.

Six essential strategies you need to know about retention

The efforts and strategies behind retention efforts have become a crucial focal point for many organisations lately. Here are six things that Richard Brown thinks are essential to the immediate and future sustainability of advertiser and subscriber retention.

Podcasters are pitching longer, more lucrative ads, but ad buyers prefer shorter, cheaper spots

Publishers, podcast production companies and creative studios are pitching longer-form podcast ads. But when speaking to ad buyers, it seems only advertisers with big budgets can afford to spend on custom, integrated, longer-form segments in their mix of podcasting advertising. Otherwise, advertisers are sticking to the 30- to 60-second ad length.

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