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AI and the media in the spotlight in Barcelona

We are in the next technological and transformational revolution in media, this time driven by the explosion of AI.

In the final segment of Mx3 Barcelona in the afternoon of 13 March, we will zoom in on AI and the media, with perspectives on:

  1. How it changes the relationship with audiences.
  2. Experimentation and innovation within media teams.
  3. Regulatory frameworks, copyright and intellectual property.
  4. Leadership strategies for navigating the AI revolution.

Mx3 Barcelona takes place on 12-13 March 2024. With a strong focus on innovation in and across media verticals, Mx3 Barcelona is for leaders, innovators and mavericks in Creator-led, Consumer and B2B media.

See the full agenda (subject to minor changes) here and sign up here.


AI will surely crop up in many conversations throughout the two days, such as with Industry Dive’s Andy Burt in a session titled, The Industry Dive playbook for innovation in the AI age. Here’s more about his session:

In the short space since its launch in 2012, Industry Dive has become a market leader worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We learn how the company innovates, transitions from theory to cutting-edge practice, and seizes the opportunities in AI and our rapidly evolving world.

However, in the final afternoon of the summit, on 13 March we have a full AI segment.


In the first session in this segment, we speak to Jacob Donnelly, Founder of A Media Operator, and former Publisher of Morning Brew, USA. Here’s more about his session:

Direct-to-consumer: Thriving in a post-social, AI-driven world

As we witness the decline of general interest sites like BuzzFeed News, the rise of a wave of AI-generated content and the impact of AI on things like search, owning direct-to-consumer relationships has never been as important as now. Jacob Donnelly discusses coming shifts in content consumption, audience engagement, and media monetisation. 


Then we have a panel discussion including Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana, CE at impress, Wolfgang Zehrt, an AI Consultant driving projects at brands such as WELT, and John Barnes, Chief Digital Officer at William Reed (B2B Media focus). They will discuss:

AI innovation, experimentation and IP integrity

Our participants weigh the innovative potential of AI against pressing concerns of regulatory frameworks, content copyright and intellectual property. It is a game you cannot, and should not, build on defence alone…


In our third and final conversation, we hear from Prof Lucy Küng, Strategic Advisor, Board Member, Author and Speaker, who is renowned for her research into transformational waves of change in media. Lucy will share insights into:

Leadership strategy: Navigating the AI revolution

Prof Lucy Küng consults with a wide range of media businesses around the world as part of her research into the future of the industry. As we near the end of Mx3 Barcelona, she is here to explain why ‘strategic smarts’ hold the key for media leaders in delivering industry success as we find ourselves amid an AI-induced era of transformation.

All on-stage conversations at Mx3 Barcelona are off-the-record to create a safe space for open and honest dialogue. You must be in the room to be in the conversation ;).

Join us in Barcelona for these and other on– and off-stage conversations.

Cobus & the Mx3 team