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AI and the Media: How Do You Measure Up?

Join us in London as we explore the state of AI in the media and collectively consider what to expect in 2024. Afterwards, we’ll return to the human aspect and have a festive social to bid farewell to 2023!

Mx3 AI will take place on 7th December at 2-4 Hoxton Square in London. A collaboration between Media Makers Meet – Mx3 and Media Voices, it is a platform to highlight learnings from 2023 and develop a view of what’s to come in 2024.

Mx3 AI is intended for practitioners and decision-makers interested in AI and the media across four main publishing segments (see more details on the overall program below):

  • Local news media
  • National news media
  • Consumer media
  • B2B media
We have limited spaces available for Mx3 AI, so we urge you to book your tickets ASAP.

The Schedule

The registration desk opens at 8 am, and the speaker programme runs through to 4 pm. At 4 pm, we’ll adjourn for festive year-end networking drinks at the same venue, with an open bar until our funds run dry, after which it will remain open as a cash bar.

The Speaker Programme

We are in the final stages of confirming the last few speakers, but in the meantime, here is a quick overview of where we stand:

Think Big:
  • AI, society and the world in which you will work and live – Ross Sleight, Chief Strategy Officer EMEA at CI&T.
  • AI and the future of media, marketing and communications – Tim Bond, Associate Director, Ipsos.
  • The creator economy, brands and IP – Franki Tabor, Founder and CEO, GenAI Con.
AI Aboard:
  • AI strategies and the future of work in media: How do you measure up? – Matt D’Cruz, Partner, Martin Tripp Associations
News Media:
  • Using AI to build a data-driven AI business – Jo Holdaway, Chief Data and Marketing Officer, Independent News and Digital Media.
  • Implementation learnings from AI in local news – Clare Cook, Head of Journalism and Media Viability, International Media Support, and Nicole Regan, Digital Editor, Barnon Media.
Consumer Media:
  • AI, the future of search and implications for media – Stuart Forrest, Global SEO Director, Bauer Media.
B2B Media:
  • How William Reed’s Wadlein team experiment with AI – John Barnes, Chief Digital Officer, William Reed.
Catch Me if You Can:
  • Hares and the tortoises in the race for AI domination and regulation – Owen Meredith, CEO, News Media Association, in conversation with James Hewes, President and CEO, FIPP.
Tales of Inspiration:
  • Top uses of AI by media brands worldwide – Charlie Beckett, The Journalism AI Project, Polis, The London School of Economics and Political Science.
Just Do It:

The Connections

Apart from our programme networking breaks and festivities after 4 pm, the layout of Colours Hoxton allows attendees to have one-on-one conversations throughout the day. Meet with other media professionals and our tech and advisory partners in an informal yet focused and immersive environment.

The Partners

We have only four partnership opportunities left. We are particularly interested in hearing from SaaS businesses and advisories covering the following areas: content production and distribution, first-party data and audience engagement, sales and marketing, and monetisation.

If you wish to partner with Media Voices and us on Mx3 AI, please contact John Schlaefli ( for more information.

Post Event

Attendees will have access to a podcast and special report from Mx3 AI.

We hope to see you in London!