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A profitable yet dead simple business model: The Media Roundup

‘We are profitable because our business model is dead simple’ is reporting on DAN, a US hyperlocal newspaper that has built a sustainable revenue stream by charging its 500 subscribers $10 a month for a low-tech newsletter.

Four publishers pioneering with NFTs (no really)

Despite the collapse in the market, there could still be opportunities and Twipe has brought together four examples of how pioneering publishers are using this crypto play to make some cash.

Survey looks to guide development of mis/disinformation training for UK journalists

PA Training wants to know what current and incoming journalists need to know about dealing with mis/disinformation. They want as many diverse perspectives as possible and are particularly interested in knowing how journalists are responding to, reporting, verifying and fact-checking mis/disinformation. Tell them what you need.

Publishers power through as hype around emerging technology comes crashing down

This episode we’re joined by Simon Owens to explore how publishers are weathering the ‘crypto winter’ and general disenchantment around emerging technologies. Will early experiments in the metaverse pay off for publishers, and why is AI image generation so exciting? Listen to find out.

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