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9 ways publishers can incorporate more audio, 10 tops on raising media money, and more: This week in publishing

The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Data-driven? How about data-inspired…

Editors have a complicated relationship with analytics. Grow too reliant on them, and you can end up being blinded to other opportunities and killing off the editorial instinct which drives the best work. But ignoring analytics completely or using them ineffectively can mean there are big missed opportunities to serve audiences better.

This week, we bring you two stories which will help you plot your own path between these two scenarios. The first is a round-up of key learnings from WAN-IFRA and Google News Initiative’s new program, which looked at how publishers could use data to achieve their digital goals.

The second is a case study from The Fix about dashboards, but it goes beyond simply “we built a dashboard”. David Tvrdon gives some tips on how to go about creating a dashboard that will work for you, including an all-important reminder that a simple tool, with just the right data points, can make a huge difference. 



9 ways newsrooms can incorporate more audio in their work

The growth of podcasts, and emergence of audio in other places, like social networks, means that the time we spend with this type of content continues to grow and evolve. This creates opportunities for newsrooms of all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be a radio station to embrace this trend. Here, Damian Radcliffe outlines three areas, and nine different examples, to show how journalists and news outlets can more effectively embrace audio. 


10 tips on raising media money in your community

If you run a local news organization that’s trying to figure out reader or corporate funding, this post can help you get started.


Three years on: Is the GDPR having the impact it promised?

We spoke to a selection of experts from across the media industry to find out more and source best practices that publishers could implement now.


How publishers can become more audience-focused: Key learnings from WAN-IFRA and Google News Initiative program

The organization has published a report, Becoming Audiences First; it shares key learnings from the 12-months long Table Stakes Europe (TSE) program.


Let’s get back to talking about editorial analytics

Building data news dashboards got much easier in 2021 and there are new issues that need to be addressed.


5 steps to prepare for the end of third-party cookies: Insights from FT Strategies

The FT has taken a number of key steps to transition away from third-party cookies and strengthen its market position. They are confident these could be replicated by other businesses and publishers.


How a Southeast Asian publisher reframed its pitch to members

For anyone trying to start a member-funded media organisation, the sooner you start surveying your audience the better.


Working with Instagram: Insights from The Economist’s head of audience

The Economist increased social media referral traffic by 180% over the past six months, with a lot of this impressive growth coming from Instagram.


How publishers can build communities through livestreams: Insights from Twitch

Twitch’s Creative Strategy Lead Jack Woodcock tells us about the opportunities for publishers around livestreaming, what lessons we can learn from the success of individual streamers, and how the team at Twitch looks to the community when creating new features.

Squirrel News, a new home for solutions-focused news

Squirrel News collects the most important solutions-focused news, interviews and videos from across the media landscape and curates them into compact, digestible issues three times per week.

How publishers can use award ceremonies as a platform for extending their brand and revenue stream

Running an awards programme creates an opportunity for publishers to keep in touch with their audience throughout the year through a different channel, although spikes of engagement tend to occur around the time of the actual award ceremony.

Some publishers will lose access to Google Ad Manager this year. Here’s why that matters

Not all of Google’s SPM partners will automatically be transitioned to the MCM programme when the switchover takes place in July, meaning many publishers will lose access to Ad Manager if their SPM partner doesn’t meet the programme’s requirements.

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