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8 benefits of meeting colleagues with shared industry interests

Below are eight advantages that come about when you spend quality time with colleagues in your industry, news about the number of insights delivered in an hour by an event speaker, plus one advantage (for your pocket) if you act today.

In a world where most information is a Google search or a ChatGPT prompt and people a mobile message away, gathering face-to-face with colleagues continues to present unique superpowers. Such in-person meetings facilitate unexpected conversations and aha moments, foster business connections, and build partnerships like no other medium can.

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For any industry sector to progress, its participants must take onboard ideas from elsewhere and make them applicable to their own. At the same time, meeting with self-same industry colleagues, even better if from different markets and specialisms, brings its own advantages – and that is especially true in times of uncertainty and change.

Here are eight advantages of spending quality time with your colleagues.

  • Perspectives: It is essential to get different viewpoints in problem-solving, but there is major value in meeting with like-minded individuals, too. It can provide a sense of shared values, goals, and understanding. This alignment can facilitate more focused and efficient discussions.
  • Validation and support: Like-minded people often share common interests and beliefs, which can create a supportive environment. When faced with challenges, knowing that others are on the same page can boost morale and motivation.
  • Alignment of vision and action: When like-minded professionals from the same industry convene, they have the advantage of easily aligning visions for the future and the actions necessary to move forward. This commonality can lead to powerful collaborations and partnerships that drive innovation and industry standards.

Insights from Creator-, Consumer- and B2B Media colleagues

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  • Collective problem-solving, brainstorming and idea generation: Professionals with a shared understanding of industry-specific challenges can engage in collective problem-solving. Similar experiences can also lead to more synergistic brainstorming sessions. Likeminded individuals can quickly build upon each other’s ideas, leading to innovative solutions.
  • Shared resources, networks and expertise: People with similar interests and goals may have access to the same resources, networks, and expertise. Collaborating with them can open connections, opportunities and resources that may otherwise not be readily available.

The promise of insightful conversations and valuable connections

Mx3 Barcelona will gather colleagues from multiple European countries and as far as the US and Singapore for you to meet.

They come from companies such as 67 Bricks, agrarheute, BasketNews, Berlin Consulting, Condé Nast, Creative Licensing International, Deutsche Welle, Events Intelligence, Financial Times, FT Specialist, Future, Gentner Verlag, GLOBALPets, Grimes, McGovern and Associates, Grupo Edicions de Premsa, Grupo De Communicacion Interprofessional, HBM Advisory, Infopro Digital, Institute for Art, Design & Technology, Media Fund, MPG Group, National Wildlife Federation, Report for the World, Ringier, SuperYacht Times, Tamarind Media, The Engineering Network, The Telegraph, Vivendi, WGSN, and many more.

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  • Accelerated trust-building: When like-minded industry professionals meet in person, there’s an inherent level of understood context and shared objectives that accelerate the trust-building process. This facilitates quicker, more candid exchanges of ideas and experiences, enhancing collaboration.
  • Synchronised learning and growth: Like-minded individuals often face similar growth trajectories and learning curves. Meeting like-minded industry colleagues allows for synchronized learning, where shared experiences and knowledge lead to collective growth and advancement in their specific industry.
  • Reinforcement of professional identity: Gathering with peers from the same industry reinforces one’s professional identity and commitment to their field. Such meetings can serve as a touchstone for individuals, affirming their practices and approaches, and fostering a strong sense of community and belonging.


Event presentation insights quantified

There was an interesting post on LinkedIn the other day from Julius Solaris, an events expert, who ran a transcript of one of his hour-long event presentations through ChatGPT, prompting it to summarise the transcript into a list of independent insights.

The results “shocked” him, Solaris wrote, for the transcript delivered 121 such insights.

That’s two insights per minute.

What’s more, that excludes further insights gained from all the potential serendipitous conversations between attendees that followed his presentation.

Insight opportunities in Barcelona

At Mx3 Barcelona, we will have roughly eleven hours of speaker sessions, with 33 speakers and 7 stage interviewers from eleven countries.

Attendees will be able to book consulting sessions in our Huddles @ Mx3 Barcelona lounge throughout the two days.

Last but not least, there are eight hours of formal (as in time set aside, not as in the format, which is easy-going conversational!) networking opportunities throughout the two days.

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