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Apple News+ in numbers, digital subscription lessons from Scandinavia, and more…

A postcard from Berlin.

This week’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin gathered 500 senior publishers from around the world. A common theme? Paid content is gaining traction, with an entire new young generation willing to subscribe to publishing brands they trust.

And what is the average price of a digital subscription? According to FIPP, who released their Global Digital Subscriptions Snapshot report in Germany, the average price is $3.50 per week globally. These subs are currently dominated by newspapers but magazines are starting to make inroads, and Condé Nast’s paywall play will be a barometer for whether lifestyle subs can work at scale.

But it was left to Switzerland’s Neue Zürcher Zeitung to land the knockout punch: higher priced offers perform better than lower price offers. And never, ever sell anything on a Saturday.

Jez Walters / @WNIP

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