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The media and the metaverse: The Media Roundup

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TikTok’s media literacy crisis: What can be done to stop the spread of misinformation on the app?

Entirely predictably, TikTok’s algorithm and infinite scroll app design is fostering an environment where misinformation spreads, which its teen audience are particularly vulnerable to. A recent study from Newsguard classified over 20% of videos that surfaced in search about popular news stories as misinformation.

You would think after more than seven years of being fully aware of the scale of misinformation and how it spreads on social media that we’d be better prepared to deal with this looming TikTok crisis. But this has the potential to be a bigger problem than all the platforms that have come before it.

We seem to be past the point of no return now. Governments so far have completely lacked the understanding to create legislation which could rein any of this in. Oh, and by the way, Ye (Kanye West) is buying Parler in the hopes of creating ‘an uncancelable ecosystem’. Let’s just switch it all off.

The media and the metaverse

I share Charlotte’s scepticism of Meta’s metaverse but this is a good overview of who is doing what in the space (mainly Disney). Research papers are indicating that motion pictures and advertising will be the two biggest drivers to a metaverse, with studios and brands ready to commit the budget to develop these experiences. Will audiences follow, though?

The year retention became paramount for subscription and membership publishers

Our latest episode looks at how publishers with subscription and membership schemes are handling increasing pressure on consumer budgets, and subscription trends going into 2023 and beyond.

This Australian publication wanted to redefine journalism. Then everything went wrong

Anything said by someone who says they plan to employ 170 people within 23 weeks and launch more than 1,500 websites should be taken with a bucket of salt. Corinne Podger flagged this one to us and there’s been some really interesting commentary from other media experts linked to her tweet.

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