Supplier Directory

The companies listed below are some of the publishing industry’s leading vendors and supplier companies. Their inclusion is not an endorsement but it is a reflection of either their reputation, usage or innovation. If you have a supplier recommendation that is not currently included, please email editor [at]

Paywalls and Subscriptions Tech

Content Recommendations and Content Distribution

  • content personalisation - Its key product is a reader personality-driven marketing platform Connect, which enables publishers to tailor content to specific audiences. (HQ: London)
  • content recommendation - AI content discovery tools (on-page widgets within articles, side of page, footer, etc) designed to increase audience engagement and spend. (HQ: London) Taken over by EX.CO.
  • content recommendation - By opening publisher inventory to multiple, competing vendors, WhizzCo argues that publishers can boost content recommendation revenue by over 30%. The company’s machine learning network predicts the CPM from the 40 content recommendation vendors worldwide, considers geolocation, device, site, widget location, etc, and then serves the ad with the highest predicted CPM. (HQ: Tel Aviv)
  • content recommendation - Primarily an analytics platform, also automatically starts measuring and tracking a publisher’s content archive, and using AI, serves personalized, customized content to readers. (HQ: NYC)
  • AI audience engagement - An AI company that optimizes publishers’ audience engagement. Klangoo creates a profile for every unique customer allowing publishers to offer personalized newsletters and content recommendations based on their history. (HQ: Silicon Valley)
  • independent publishing platform - A publishing platform that offers more than 500,000 articles from 400 publishers in Japan. English version now launched. Major outlets can source news at no cost while smaller publishers can reach a far larger audience, with both ends earning ad revenue. (HQ: Tokyo)
  • Content Distribution via Social Media & Email: - Harnesses a publisher’s own data to train artificial intelligence that optimizes social media posting and email campaigns. Used by over 1,500 publishers in 100 countries, the average publisher receives a significant increase in social pageviews as well as higher email open rates and click rates. (HQ: London)
  • content distribution - A publisher streaming platform that delivers more than 1,600 digital magazines, from over 450 publishers, for readers to consume on the device of their choice for a low fee (HQ: Paris)
  • content distribution - Almost identical to Cafeyn (above), Readly is a streaming platform that allows consumers to download and read over 4,000 digital magazines for a low fee. Ranked within the top 10 on the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 EMEA list (HQ: Sweden).
  • digital edition apps - Fully hosted digital publishing platform that creates apps for publishers. Underpinned by Pugpig Express CMS, the content can also be syndicated to Apple News, Kindle, Alexa and other channels. (HQ: London)
  • content delivery network - An early-stage startup that distributes a publisher’s content but users cannot ad block the content if they want to read it. Publishers get paid for their content with their visitors’ computing power. (HQ: NYC)
  • DTC media apps - Simplifies the production, delivery and management of direct-to-consumer (DTC) media apps for premium content providers. SaaS based media app lifecycle management. (HQ: NYC)
  • mobile publishing hub - Uses existing content from any publisher source to create mobile responsive stories from scratch, publishing to all major app platforms, web and social channels. (HQ: London)
  • video distribution platform - Created specifically for publishers, it automatically and intelligently inserts a video player with relevant video content into publishers’ articles (using AI). The player sits as a “Watch Next” unit at the bottom of the article. (HQ: London)
  • video management platform - Launched as a premium video SSP, Telaria has since expanded into an enterprise video management platform to help publishers accelerate the value of their video content using one single platform. (HQ: NYC)
  • multichannel publishing - A market leader in the workflows and processes behind multichannel publishing and digital asset management. Enables publishers to create content for print and digital in a highly efficient manner, and at the same time repurpose content across multi channels. (HQ: Netherlands)
  • trending content - Allows publishers to publish high-quality curated content in minutes, as well as identify internal backlink opportunities. Scoop, it's suggestion engine, identifies trending content based on selected keywords. (HQ: San Francisco)
  • content distribution - Journalists use Authory to create a loyal audience that they can take with them wherever they go. Readers subscribe to individual journalists via email and automatically receive an email notification whenever there is a new piece, regardless of where it’s published. Funded by Google DNI. (HQ: Hamburg)
  • Facebook paid content distribution - Uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to read, classify, and rank content and then match that content with the ideal and most cost-efficient audiences on Facebook. Named Best Content Marketing Platform at the Digiday Technology Awards. (HQ: NYC)
  • distributing and monetizing podcasts - Integrates podcast episodes into a publisher’s website. Uses contextual tech and algorithms to drive audience engagement, with a detailed suite of performance indicators. Partnered with Poool to offer a registration/payment wall for podcasts. (HQ: Paris)
  • email newsletter platform - All-in-one newsletter solution with numerous integrations, engagement and monetization options. Created by the same team that built and scaled Morning Brew to millions of subscribers. (HQ: Remote/Virtual).
  • content licensing - A trading platform where publishers can buy and sell content from other publishers around the world. Uses AI-driven pricing algorithms and content trending analysis tools to give publishers insights into what content is performing well. (HQ: Berlin)
  • content licensing - A trading platform where participating publishers have full control of what content they make available to third parties and the content is listed in a marketplace format by category. Third-party publishers can then select the content they wish to re-publish under license. (HQ: Slovenia and Amsterdam)
  • content recommendation - AI driven content recommender system for hyper personalization in news & media. Scientifically tested and continually refined by university professors and data scientists, and used by dozens of European publishers. (HQ: Antwerp)
  • automated content creation - automated content creation - Uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and then create basic content and stories, especially sports-based content and real estate content. (HQ: Sweden)
  • CMS platform - This SaaS platform handles online newspapers, broadcasters and magazines that have outgrown WordPress - the Labrador CMS provides a turnkey solution. (HQ: Norway | Digiday CMS of the year, twice)
  • Multimedia content distribution - Wonderz is a software company that enables creative companies to distribute multimedia content directly to consumers through its digital content distribution/publishing platform Wunderbox. Clients include Warner Bros. Discovery and Carlsen Publishing, a subsidiary of Bonner Media. (HQ: Berlin)
  • Content Distribution and Audience Development - As Apple’s approved provider for Apple News, major publishers including ITV News and Bauer Media use FlatPlan to convert, optimise and distribute their content to over 125 million readers on the growing news app. Along with improving reach, FlatPlan then helps publishers turn those new readers into subscribers with bespoke conversion tools. (HQ: London)
  • Content Distribution and Audience Development - Press Publish helps large publishers reach millions of readers on a wide variety of news aggregators including Flipboard, Apple News, Google News, SmartNews, Upday, NewsBreak and many others. It uses a no-code solution so as not to drain valuable development resources. (HQ: London)

Consumer Data Management

  • data management platform - Allows publishers to connect their ‘real time’ user data in one place using tech that does not rely on third-party cookies, and is able to provide 100% publisher audience visibility. Awarded best sell side innovation at the Drum’s Digital Advertising Awards 2019. (HQ: London & NYC)
  • Sovrn Data Collective - is the world's largest publisher collective for deep consumer insights and enriched audience data. All data is hashed and anonymized before distribution to data partners. (HQ: Boulder, CO)
  • Cookieless Data Platform - Anonymized (recently re-branded from ID Ward) helps publishers and advertisers reach and monetise audiences at scale without exposing any personal data. It allows publishers to reclaim 100% of their lost audiences (cookieless and non-consented) and protects first-party data by giving advertisers granular targeting capabilities using only anonymized data. (HQ: London & Barcelona)
  • marketing automation platform - Empowers publishers to engage consumers across all channels, using a single code base to pioneer the concept of ‘universal consumer profile’ and consolidate multiple data sources. (HQ: Belgium & San Jose, CA)
  • universal data platform - Provides tools to protect, structure and leverage the value of publisher data, helping create new, innovative business models. Powers the Gravity Alliance, the largest data alliance in Europe (HQ: Paris)
  • data services consultants - Advises publishers on how to activate consumer data through the use of their data management platforms (DMPs) and consumer data platforms (CDPs). In-depth knowledge of all the major data activation platforms with advice dispensed according to the needs of client publishers. (HQ: London)
  • universal data hub - Universally collects customer data from any source including: websites, mobile applications, devices, kiosks, servers, files, etc. Combines data from any source, and transforms it into calculated data points. (HQ: San Diego)
  • unified customer data - A SaaS platform that enables publishers to harness the power of unified customer data, while maintaining control and privacy. Publishers can connect datasets to gain a 360-degree view of their audience, ideal for content tailoring and building refined targeting segments. (HQ: Basingstoke, England)
  • customer data platform - Unifies first-party publisher data from all the disparate systems in which it exists into persistent, person-level profiles, and then ‘activates it across marketing ecosystems’. (HQ: Boston)
  • customer data platform - Audigent’s Hadron ID serves as a cookieless container solution, delivering cookieless solutions at scale while being fully interoperable with other ID systems - transforming how clean first-party data powers the programmatic landscape. (HQ: New York City).
  • Data Management Platform - Lotame is a global tech company that makes customer data smarter, faster, and easier to use. Through its next-generation data solutions underpinned by identity, it enables marketers and media owners to use data to engage existing customers and attract their next best across all screens. (HQ: Maryland, US)
  • cloud-based CRM and business applications - A single platform where publishers can manage both their audience and the full lead-to-cash cycle for all of their revenue streams, in the process developing a true data-driven strategy. (HQ: Reading, UK)
  • Reader Engagement & Monetization Platform - REMP CRM allows you to manage your subscribers and subscription packages, create user segments quickly, understand retention and churn of different segments, collect all the information about paying readers in one place and create marketing automation scenarios. (HQ: Bratislava, Slovakia)


  • publisher commerce tools - Affiliate marketing, price comparisons, shopping galleries and other ecommerce tools to help publishers maximize revenue. Trusted by thousands of publishers across the U.S., Europe and Latin America. (HQ: Boulder, CO)
  • publisher ecommerce tools - Turns visitors into eCommerce customers with a suite of related tools e.g. cart abandonment shortcut widget, list builder plug-in, increase average order shortcut, etc (HQ: Austin, TX)
  • publisher ecommerce tools - allows a publisher to sell products directly from their images, with visitors kept on site and not re-routed off-site. “Content commerce at the point of discovery”. (HQ: Lulea, North Sweden)
  • video shopping tool - Allows online publishers to monetize their video content seamlessly with embedded in-video shopping. Product Cards lets viewers purchase in one click. Already used by well known Eastern European publishers (HQ: Budapest, Hungary)
  • Commerce Media Platform - Criteo is the global commerce media company that enables marketers and media owners to drive better commerce outcomes. Its industry leading Platform connects 22,000 marketers and thousands of media owners to deliver richer consumer experiences from product discovery to purchase. (HQ: Paris).

Programmatic Advertising (SSP)

  • SSP - A highly curated SSP focusing solely on premium publishers. Used by upwards of 25,000 publishers across the U.S., Europe and Latin America. Ad exchange, ad management, data services, and Signal which captures audience signals and helps publishers unlock further ad performance. (HQ: Boulder, CO)
  • SSP - One of the world’s leading ad exchanges for data and identity. 2022 winner of Campaign’s Ad Net Zero Sustainability Best Practice Award (HQ: Pasadena, CA)
  • SSP - The world’s largest independent sell-side ad platform. The company was formed following a merger between Rubicon Project and Telaria in 2020. (HQ: Los Angeles)
  • SSP - Part of Microsoft, Xandr powers a global marketplace for premium advertising. It’s data-enabled platform encompasses Xandr Invest and Xandr Monetize. (HQ: NYC)
  • SSP - An independent technology company maximizing customer value by delivering digital advertising’s ‘supply chain of the future’. Delivers scalable and flexible programmatic innovation. (HQ: Worldwide)
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner - With access to cutting-edge technologies, FatChilli can help enhance a publisher's programmatic revenue and optimize ad-serving processes with a strong focus on reader experience. (HQ: Bratislava, Slovakia)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • automated content creation - automated content creation - Uses artificial intelligence to analyze data and then create basic content and stories, especially sports-based content and real estate content. (HQ: Sweden)
  • Automated content creation - A leading natural language generation (NLG) provider that empowers publishers to turn data and analytics into clear, written insights. A Stats Perform Company. (HQ: Chicago, US)

Publisher CMS Systems

  • Content Management System - Spun out of The Washington Post, Arc XP is self described as a cloud-native digital experience platform that streamlines content creation and simplifies content management. (HQ: Washington D.C.)
  • Content Management System - Underpinned by AWS, Glide is a cloud-native CMS system that provides a suite of modern publishing tools allied to the speed and stability modern audiences demand. (HQ: London)
  • Content Management System - Labrador is an all-you-need web CMS for publishing digital publications and magazines at speed. Entirely cloud-based, Labrador can be used to create any type of digital publication, and offers customisable fonts, colors and layouts. (HQ: Oslo, Norway)
  • Content Management System - Desk is a web-based solution for the digital and print production of newspapers and magazines. It supports customisable workflows, picture desk functionality, video management, SEO optimisation and AI-powered tools for journalists. (HQ: Stockholm, Sweden)

Reporting and Business Analytics

  • content analytics and performance - A content analytics solution that translates editorial data into actionable insights and helps publishers increase engagement & revenue. (HQ: Nijmegen, Netherlands Slovenia | Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • content analytics and performance - A comprehensive platform for knowing where a publisher’s audience is coming from and what content they are engaging with, in order to maximize content performance. (HQ: NYC)
  • Content analytics and performance - An analytics platform focused on article performance for commercial and editorial teams, so they can make better data-driven decisions especially around content. (HQ: London)
  • publisher affiliate marketing analytics - Helps publishers find the right products and advertisers to match their content. A dashboard funnels all the data from affiliate networks & Google Ads - publishers can then quickly gauge how much money they’re generating, along with other KPIs like orders, sales, clicks, and click rate, etc. (HQ: Tel Aviv)
  • content insights and performance - Provides content insights for publishers (and marketers) to generate ideas, create high-performing content, monitor performance and identify influencers. (HQ: Brighton)
  • measurement and analytics for social video - Measures over 6Bn videos to help publishers, agencies and media companies get “to the meaning behind the numbers”. (HQ: Mountain View, CA)
  • Measuring reader engagement - Sovrn //Signal captures 45 reader engagement events to determine when a reader is active and engaged on a page empowering publishers to optimize page layouts, increase ad yields, and improve conversions.
  • Real-time advertising analytics - With a deep specialization in real-time analytics focused on revenue generation, Assertive Yield gathers intelligence from multiple sources to help publishers determine which partners, content and features create value, and those which do not. This allows publishers to maximize advertising revenue minute-by-minute. (HQ: Amsterdam)
  • Prediction platform - Spun out of The Globe & Mail, Sophi is an AI-powered automation, optimization and prediction platform. It aims to help publishers gain deeper insights into what their audiences need, make smarter decisions and get the most out of their content. (HQ: Toronto)
  • RX Data Dashboards - Data analytics services and products covering all use cases of news publishers, from Google Analytics 4 implementation and setup, server-side tagging to comprehensive analytics and reports on reader engagement and conversion. (HQ:Bratislava, Slovakia)
  • Content Analytics and Performance - A lightning-fast platform offering no-code analytics solutions and AI-powered features that allow publishers to make data-driven decisions quickly. Teams align around key insights for content production, audience development, subscriptions, and advertising—all in one place. (HQ: Barcelona)