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Seechum App, ‘The Netflix of Social Connections’: Q&A

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Social Connection, Inc. is the holding company of Seechum Limited, the developer and operator of the Seechum App, the world’s first on-demand, video-based social connection mobile app launched in July and rolling out across 180 countries.

Founded by Moses Gottlieb in 2019 – the company’s purpose is to enable authentic human connections through tech. We caught up with Moses to find out more…

Can you tell us more about your company?

We got funded by a seed round from around the end of last year and we’re in the middle of an additional round of capital now.

We are based in London (HQ and Development) and Los Angeles (Ops), and currently have a dedicated team of 19 individuals. Some of our team members and advisors are from well-known organizations and/or academic institutions such as Stanford University, University of Arkansas, Telefonica, etc. 

We also signed an R&D cooperation agreement with The Royal College of Art a couple of months ago. We will be working with their service design school to develop additional social applications, using the Seechum platform’s core technology. 

What business problem is your company addressing?

Social connection is a basic human need. The need to have new experiences and to connect with others is fundamental to life. Not knowing that a global pandemic could make Seechum’s global release historical, the ability to connect individuals in isolated communicates from all over the world has become more relevant than ever before.

A basic human need is ‘connection’ and social distancing does not mean a social shutdown. Even before COVID -19, our society was experiencing a massive loneliness epidemic. Social isolation became common, and we are encountering social media fatigue from constant exposure to biased content, influencer hegemony as well as mental health issues related to the unrealistic pressures of fitting in.

People wish for a boundless world where they feel they can belong, and be accepted, just as they are. Seechum’s social connections available – anytime, anywhere, is – we believe – leading a new paradigm.

What is your core product addressing this problem?

Through machine learning and driven by personality indicators within categories of information, common interests and experiences, the Seechum app identifies ‘personal chemistry’ and matches users based on ‘common ground’ – a vital ingredient for establishing long-term, sustainable social connections.

Seechum has created a patent-pending scheduling and automated video-calling technology for connecting two parties simultaneously and privately. The platform initiates calls to both parties without the need to share phone numbers or emails, ensuring complete control of personal contact information and therefore eliminates users’ deception risks which are widely associated with traditional social media.


Seechum charges $10 (Or £10 in the UK and €10 in the EU) per 45 minutes of social connection call with a Chum, with a one free call trial to each/all new users.

How do you view the future?

In a social media-disrupted world, we believe Seechum provides a timely platform for authentic human connection. Understanding that communication styles will become more personal, and the content will be tailored to more specific, relevant topics, Seechum has developed a first-of-its-kind, social science-based, AI-driven search engine algorithm which matches members who seek social connections with other people (Chums).

Thank you and good luck with the launch.