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Restructurings, downsizings, and a social media steamroller

Two weeks of convulsive change at three of the most prestigious magazine publishers, while Facebook grows by nearly 60 percent.

If you’re looking for a snapshot of the state of the magazine-media world, just look at four important news stories from the last two weeks.

Start with Condé Nast. The company announced a reorganization of its sales teams last week in a bid to “simplify the way we work with our partners and better leverage the extraordinary talent in our company,” according to Jim Norton, chief business officer and president of revenue. The new structure consolidates clusters of brands under a single leader, and creates sales category leaders, covering areas such as beauty, luxury or travel. At least three high-profile positions were eliminated, and it’s unclear how staff size will be affected moving forward.

A week prior to the Condé Nast restructuring, Time Inc. endured the most recent of its seemingly endless series of shakeups, as new CRO Brad Elders similarly shuffled his sales operation, establishing both cross-brand leaders and leaders for various vertical sales categories. There were a reported 30 layoffs. This most recent Time Inc. shakeup came just six months after one in July, led by the executive sales-management team that was in place then. The two most senior people, at the time, announced in December they were either leaving their posts or leaving the company.

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