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Q&A: Tink, connecting creators with podcast networks and individual shows

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Tink is a publicity company connecting authors and creators with major podcast networks and individual shows for interviews, on-air book reviews, and on-air mentions, bridging a much-needed gap between podcast networks and authors. Based in NYC but international in scope, WNIP caught up with Lauren Passell, Founder of Tink, to find out more…

Can you give us some background about your company?

Years ago, when I worked for a publishing company, I saw there was a big gap in our process of pitching authors to media. We weren’t connecting to podcasters. I left publishing to work for a podcast production company, and subsequently left that company to start Tink, which is bridging the gap between podcasts and publishing.

What business problem is your company addressing?

Podcasting is a new form of media and should be a powerful tool in every publicist’s tool belt. But PR departments can’t keep up with the increasing number of new shows, and the databases they use to create pitch lists don’t include podcasters.

Working with podcasts is different than working with other types of media. Podcasts do not follow the same schedule as blogs or TV. Pitch letters to podcasts need to be different. Someone pitching authors to podcasts needs to have a deep understanding of podcasts. Most PR teams are too busy to learn all about the ins and outs of an entirely new form of media. But it’s all that we do, so we can really hone in.

When PR departments do pitch podcasts, it’s usually the same big ones. But there are hundreds of thousands of untapped shows with huge audiences. Most people don’t know about them because podcast discoverability is such a problem. But Tink is building a database that is getting smarter and smarter every day. I’m excited to strike gold in the shows right below the Marc Maron/Joe Rogan level. Those are the shows I want to work with.

What is your core product addressing this problem?

A Tink podcast tour includes pitching to 50 or more shows. We do a lot of research to make sure none of the pitches are a waste of time, and that they are all a good fit. The service also includes podcast-specific press materials that we create in-house. Anyone who uses Tink gets complete transparency with the process, if they’d like. We update a document daily with a campaign’s process. We also set up all the interviews and make sure that the client knows everything possible about the interview they’re booked on, what is expected of them, and what they can expect from appearing on the show.

Can you give some examples of publishers successfully using your services?

We’ve worked with Little, Brown Publishing (Hachette) and we also work with Small Press PR. I also have a ton of individual authors who either don’t have a PR team, or who think their publicity campaign needs a boost, like Sophia Chang, who recently produced an audio-exclusive memoir with Audible.


We’re still experimenting with packages but are flexible. Some people pay for a campaign that lasts a certain amount of time (3 months) or some pay for a single book or title. One of our clients pays every time they are booked on a show. We also work on retainer and offer an inexpensive monthly rate, especially when compared to other PR companies.

How do you view the future?

Every time I have a conversation with someone about Tink, I see that it is about to grow into something much bigger. We work with people on totally out-of-the-box ideas and I foresee in our future working with people to consult on their podcasts, create branded shows, and scout talent and help creators build a show of their dreams.

Anything else we should know?

I have a newsletter, Podcast The Newsletter. It started out as a passion project but it has become an important tool for Tink. It allows us to connect with studios, podcasters, and producers. We are developing relationships with them through the newsletter, and are breaking ground in the podcasting space.

Thank you.