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Publishers outperform non-publishers on every measure of ad effectiveness

Good news from comScore: Digital ads on publishers’ websites get more attention from readers and have a bigger impact on brand lift than ads on non-publisher sites. Earlier this month comScore released the results of a survey that measured the impact of several ad campaigns that were served across Digital Content Next (DCN) – an association for digital publishers – member sites and non-publisher sites.

Across every metric of ad effectiveness – ad viewability, brand lift, and valid traffic – DCN publishers outperformed the non-DCN sites. And in some areas, the results weren’t even close.

This is big news for publishers, who are facing downward pricing pressures from programmatic ads and greater competition from non-publisher sites like Facebook. Given the results of comScore’s research, publishers can stand by the effectiveness of ads displayed on their sites and can justify charging higher CPMs.

comScore gathered these statistics from brand lift surveys it conducted for 15 display and video ad campaigns. The campaigns were served on both DCN and non-DCN sites. 28 of the 75 members in the DCN were included in the survey.

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