LADbible Group’s Jake Strong-Jones on the best use of social platforms

Host: Chris Sutcliffe
October 30, 2023

In this week’s episode we hear from LADbible Group’s Operations Lead Jake Strong-Jones on how the group’s verticals make best use of social platforms. He works with teams across the business on new launches, distribution strategy and operations, as well as the content strategy and insights on LADbible Group’s social platforms.

He takes us through everything from how they go about making discerning use of platforms to find new audiences, how its use of TikTok allows it to reach two-thirds of adults in the UK, and what trends the group is keeping an eye on over the next 12 months.

A selected highlight from the episode:

LADbible’s success on TikTok…

“So TikTok’s biggest strength has to be its recommendation algorithm, which it got first. It absolutely nailed how to personalise content feeds for its audience. And it has such a broad audience, much broader than you often think.

“We know that the other platforms have spent a lot of time catching up, they’ve been investing heavily in how content is served and how it’s personalised. And we’re seeing this across Reels, across YouTube Shorts and elsewhere. But TikTok were the first ones to really force that change and make sure that everyone else caught up.

“For us, it has to be a place that we are engaging a really young audience. We have a young audience across our platforms absolutely. But it’s a really, really important one for us, just to make sure that we are at the cutting edge, that things that we publish completely land. But we’re making sure that as we tailor for TikTok, as we work with them and keep publishing on there, that we keep seeing a return.”


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