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New European shows pop-up newspapers can work

Pro-Remain newspaper the New European is thought to have sold more than 40,000 copies of its launch edition.

The so-called “pop-up” title, which went from drawing board to newsstand in just nine days, could well see its its initial four-issue run extended off the back of the better-than-hoped start. Sales of the second issue, which hit newsstands last Friday, will be known next week but the newspaper’s bosses hope it will remain high.

“Sales are better than we had anticipated and it provides us with some confidence that we were right to put out a publishing vehicle based on a zeitgeist,” said Jeff Henry, the chief executive of Archant, the Norwich-based regional publisher that launched the title. “Some have said print is dead. No it’s most certainly not. It has made money from the get-go. It is a profitable endeavour.”

Henry would not reveal Archant’s budget for the New European, other than to point out that it has a marketing budget of just £10,000.

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