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Magazine Print Ads Enter the Programmatic Advertising Age

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A leading publishing trade association, BPA Worldwide, has announced a partnership with that could be a catalyst for boosting magazine advertising sales across the entire publishing industry, and make it easy for publishers and advertisers to buy and sell print ads, newsletter and event sponsorships, and even list rentals, via the Adwanted platform.

The Adwanted marketplace is already thriving in its home country of France, with such publications as Elle, Marie Claire, and Paris Match. It also does business in Spain and recently entered Canada via an alliance with Magazines Canada, that country’s major trade association for publishers.

What attracted Adwanted to the BPA was the association’s creation of the B2B Media Exchange, which claims to be the first programmatic marketplace for B2B digital ads. Launched six months ago, the exchange already has “99 sites producing 3.5 million page impressions a week,” with another 75 sites in the onboarding process, says Glenn Hansen, president & CEO of the non-profit auditing and trade association.

Even before the exchange launched, Hansen says, BPA members were asking for the ability to automate the buying of print and other offline ads as well.

Ad networks only work if they have enough buyers and sellers to create a viable marketplace. With its 3,000-plus publishing brands, plus the active involvement of both advertisers and agencies, the BPA partnership means Adwanted could reach critical mass quickly in the U.S.

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