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L’Équipe & The Content Exchange enter partnership to bring sports to a global audience

L’Équipe, a leading sports media outlet in France, has partnered with The Content Exchange to make its sports journalism available to a global audience. With France set to host major events including the Tour de France, Roland Garros, UEFA Euro 2024, and the Summer Olympics in Paris, L’Équipe’s coverage will now reach international readers through this collaboration.

L’Équipe’s team of over 350 journalists offers extensive reporting, analysis, and interviews on various sports. This partnership allows L’Équipe’s content to be syndicated globally for the first time, providing publishers and editors worldwide with stories in 22 languages.

Lionel Dangoumau, Editor-in-Chief of L’Équipe, is pleased to share the publication’s work with a wider audience, saying, “L’Équipe has a long standing tradition of quality sports journalism. L’Equipe produces a wide variety of premium articles in order to inform, investigate and talk about every sport topics, athletes, events, institutions and also politic, environmental and social topics. While we always had a focus on servicing French audiences, the brand is known for its reporting all around the world. This year we decided to make our contents available for a global audience.

Joris van Lierop, CEO of The Content Exchange, values the addition of L’Équipe’s content to their platform, adding, “We are proud to work with such an outstanding brand. Its reputation is well known by sports
fans and editorial teams all over the world. It is a unique brand with unique reporting that we are certain will delight readers well beyond the French borders. Publishers and editors can sign in to The Content Exchange and syndicate the stories at a click of a button

Publishers can syndicate L’Équipe’s content via The Content Exchange platform, providing their audiences with access to major sports events this summer.

For more information, visit The Content Exchange L’Équipe.

About The Content Exchange

The Content Exchange (TCE) is a platform that facilitates the syndication of journalism from various media outlets. It connects publishers and editors with content from leading sources, enabling them to enhance their editorial offerings. TCE supports the distribution of stories across multiple languages, making it easier for diverse audiences to access quality news coverage. Through partnerships with brands like L’Équipe, TCE aims to broaden the reach of premium journalism. For more information, visit The Content Exchange.