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Integral Ad Science acquires Amino Payments

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Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, has bought Amino Payments, a leading provider of programmatic advertising transparency for an undisclosed fee. By purchasing Amino Payments, IAS aims to provide the ‘most comprehensive set of programmatic transparency solutions currently available for marketers’.

Both companies have a history of partnering together, launching their ‘Total Visibility Solution‘ last April which allows advertisers to not only know which publishers provide the most premium and cost-efficient inventory, but also use that information to develop a mutually beneficial direct relationship or private market place (PMP).

According to IAS, advertisers using the Total Visibility solution save 10-15% on their media spend by redirecting funds toward the most efficient, effective media. They cite Nestle as an example of a brand advertiser who witnessed a specific publisher domain being consistently flagged as brand unsafe on a live campaign representing 9.23% of the brand’s total media spend. Nestle subsequently excluded the domain and redirected their budget to safe media.

“Programmatic advertising continues to grow at a tremendous pace, and with this acquisition we’re bringing comprehensive transparency to the entire industry,” says Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS. “By welcoming Amino Payments to IAS, we will unleash the full potential of programmatic advertising for marketers who need their campaigns to be highly effective and cost-efficient.”

“As even more digital media is transacted programmatically, the need for transparency will continue to be critical for advertisers,” comments Will Luttrell, CEO, Amino Payments. “The Amino Payments team is thrilled to join IAS, the market leader in verification, to pursue a joint vision to bring unprecedented transparency into programmatic advertising.”

Speaking to WNIP, an anonymous industry insider said the deal can only be good news for both advertisers and publishers, “It’s great to see the larger players in ad tech verifying data and ad spend in a world that has been murky for far too long. This deal shows the heightened importance of transparency in the market place. It’s a good development.”