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INMA report says Generative AI opportunities outweigh threats: The Media Roundup

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New European bucks print publishing trend

The conventional wisdom around these parts is that the future is increasingly digital and social and, for the most part, the ‘print decline’ narrative is right. That doesn’t mean, however, that the resistance isn’t real… The New European is putting up a hell of a fight.

Speaking at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia (I want to go), EIC Matt Kelly told the story of the seven-year-old news title launched amidst the wreckage of the UK’s EU Referendum in 2016. Then, Kelly saw a market of 16 million furious Remain voters and launched the title, partisan, but factual at its core. Now, The New European is valued at £6 million, with its weekly edition selling 20,000 copies at £3.95.

It is ad-free meaning it has no clients or advertisers to appease, or readers to plunder data from. The paywalled website gets half a million unique visitors a month, but print is the priority. Kelly said: “I felt very strongly that starting a new website in 2016 – Who cares? they’re ten a penny… Launching a new newspaper, people prick up their ears. Who are these idiots and what is it all about?”

INMA report says Generative AI opportunities outweigh threats

INMA has released a report that What’s New In Publishing has called ‘one of the most exhaustive investigations ever into Generative AI’. The 91-page report provides an upbeat assessment of AI’s uses in publishing, suggesting that the opportunities outweigh the threats. I’d agree, with the caveat that publishers should be using the technology to complement human resources, not replace them.

Meta outage causes outrage among advertisers

Oh dear! An outage across Meta’s ad management platform led to overspending on campaigns on Sunday. The Drum is reporting that an algorithm glitch meant advertisers burned through budgets at record speed. In the hours before Meta fixed the issue, some ad buyers saw CPMs rise as much as 500% compared to the prior 24 hours.

Practical AI – Lessons from local media

Our special Practical AI podcast documentary explores how local media organisations have got started with AI projects, the benefits they’re seeing, the challenges they’ve faced and what advice they would give to other publishers looking to get into AI. This episode and our corresponding report have been made possible with the support of United Robots.

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