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Gain insight from 10 digital marketing experts

The best way to learn is through experience. Someone else’s experience can be just as valuable. Here are some digital marketing innovators who share some insight from the top of the industry.

Ben Jones, 48, creative director, Google

Ben Jones is trying to rewire brands’ perceptions of how good ads work on digital devices.

The future doesn’t have to be all six-second ads, Mr. Jones said, referring to fears that the 30-second TV spot will be squeezed into tighter and tighter windows designed to work online.

For an absurdly long but suggestive exception, just consider the pre-roll ad that Lagavulin ran on YouTube this year, showing comedian Nick Offerman sipping whisky for almost an hour. Mr. Jones’ Google Creative Lab was not part of creating the spot, but it’s an example of the way creativity can still make advertising great.”We’re changing the ways stories work so people choose them,” Mr. Jones said, speaking with Ad Age recently in the cafeteria of Google’s New York City office. “It’s not that all ads are bad. Bad ads are bad.”

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