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Canvasflow announces latest release of its HTML5 authoring platform

With one click distribution to multiple digital channels including Pugpig, DPS and enhanced support for Twixl Publisher 5, Canvasflow provides a fast, efficient workflow.

Canvasflow has launched version 2.0 of its HTML5 authoring platform, for creating rich, responsive content without the need for developers. This latest update includes deeper integration with Twixl Publisher 5, the flexible digital publishing platform, plus additional features to further enhance the creation of responsive content.

Canvasflow is a design-led authoring platform offering a mobile-first workspace for publishers, brands and marketers.  With a simple to use interface and support for both edition-based and continuous publishing workflows, it helps facilitate the rapid creation of responsive HTML5 content.

Version 2.0 of Canvasflow contains native support for Twixl Publisher content items, enabling the creation and management of InDesign files, PDF’s, videos, collections and more.  In addition, content items can now be styled, article metadata managed and push notifications sent directly to Twixl apps, all directly from within the Canvasflow platform.

Gareth Jones, Product Manager and Co-founder of Canvasflow, commented:

“We are very pleased to provide Canvasflow users with even deeper integration to Twixl Publisher, helping them to further streamline their content authoring workflow. Version 2.0 has been specifically designed to help Twixl users create and manage their app content, regardless of the format, from a simple to use and cost effective platform”.

Luk Dhondt, Product Manager Twixl Publisher, commented:

“Twixl Publisher was initially an InDesign-based mobile publishing solution. It was only last year that we added support for HTML-based content because many of our users were unhappy about the high creation cost associated with the pixel-perfect approach. Canvasflow offers a perfect solution. It is not only a creation tool for responsive HTML content but it integrates seamlessly with Twixl Publisher, making it as convenient as possible for the user to publish directly to a Twixl app.”

Canvasflow 2.0 is available now.  Publishers, brands and marketers can sign up for a free trial by visiting: To book a free one-to-one demo email: