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Amazon launches self-service subscriptions marketplace

In addition to digital publishers, the service also applies to streaming services and other businesses selling recurring subscriptions, with partners earning 70 percent the first year, 85 percent thereafter

The online retailing giant has officially rolled out its digital subscription service, Subscribe with Amazon, to potential partners. Digital subscriptions means more than just newspapers and magazines, it should be remembered, though they are part of the program, too. It also means subscriptions such as streaming services, learning and lifestyle services, and more.

Launch partners include the digital newsstand Texture, as well as The Wall Street Journal, tronc newspapers (Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, etc.) The New Yorker and Consumer Reports.

The program is not that dissimilar to Apple’s digital subscription scheme introduced in the Newsstand. Publishers would receive 70 percent of each transactional amount in the first year of the transaction, 85 percent, after a subscriber’s first year. For now, at least, the program looks limited to those businesses with a US address.

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